About Us

AGC is equipped with people having vision, wisdom & unique set of skills. AGC initiated its humble beginning with vast exposure of its team by setting up Welcon Chemicals (PVT) Ltd in 1994.

AGC now owns 11 companies operating in diversified business segments. We believe in synergy & its limitless power our philosophy revolves around togetherness and mutual support for everyone connected to us.

AGC activities involves imports, formulations, manufacturing & marketing of all kind of pesticides (Insecticides, Herbicides, Fungicides, Insect Growth Regulators), fertilizers and micronutrients (liquid & granules), plant growth regulators, seeds of different field crops & vegetables, human & animals lifesaving dugs, animals feeds, urban pest control products & agricultural machinery/equipment’s. AGC has its own facility for liquid (EC, SC, EW, Sl, AS CF& ME), powder (WP & SP) & granules formulation 9F, WDG & KPP), refilling & repackaging units.

By grace of Allah Almighty, AGC has becomes one of the leading Groups in agriculture sector of Pakistan. For Better yield, crop protection and crop yield maximization is being done through AGS’s modern technologies and unique services in all over Pakistan.

Our History

AllahDin Group of Companies is one of the famous pestiside group in Pakistan. We work nationally with like-minded groups and individuals concerned. Subsequently the Company diversified into agro pesticides to meet the requirements of agriculture sector, and has grown manifold, with a turnover of 1148 million rupees in 2001-02. Company has also entered into the field of safe and eco-friendly botanical and bio-pesticides for public health and plant protection.

Our Mission

AGC, while we collaborate, we are continuously working towards bringing revolutionary solutions for Crop Protection to make a lasting change in the global food system. AGC is determined to provide growers with technologies and solutions to improve the productivity and sustainability of their farming operations without impacting .... the environmental balance. We believe there's more to agriculture than a healthy and profitable crop, that’s why we are on a quest to find productive, effective and sustainable ways of farming for one generations to the next.Read More

Our Vision

Our sacred vision to provide quality pesticides for crop protection to the farmers and help them by visiting their fields, studying crop problems, finding appropriate solutions and offering optimum use of inputs. Ultimate aim is to increase agricultural output leading to prosperity of the farmers to contribute significantly towards the economy of nation.