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Warble // Warble (PVT) Ltd.
Our History
Warble(Pvt) Ltd is one of the main pesticide company of AllahDin Group which came into existence in 1995 with the high level of commitment, hard working and better business strategies. Warble Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd is now one of the largest importers of pesticides in Pakistan. Warble is not only distributing pesticides through our own distribution network but are also supplying a complete range of pesticides to a number of local companies.
The objectives behind the establishment were to feed small distribution houses in the local market. Through this business , unit objective is to give products to small companies and small multinationals, like ICI, Niche men etc.
Warble is the first in the pesticide sector to start the formulation facility at Multan (Heart of Cotton Belt) comprises of High tech formulation Plant, filling lines and packaging facilities with annual capacity 4 million liters.
Warble is committed to provide quality products to our customers, realizing the fact; group has established a High Tech. Quality Control Laboratory with HPLC and GLC equipments analysis facilities.
Equipped with all pre-requisites for meeting the future challenges successfully . Warble (Pvt) Ltd has Agri- Graduates and a high number of professionally qualified persons in Sales, marketing, Production, finance & administration.Warble sales teams are present in all provinces, with 2 business managers, 13 regional sales managers, 72 sales officers and 500 field officers.
Warble Chemical is fully committed to provide effective & economical solutions to our farmers. We are offering a complete product range of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides to our distributors and farmers for each crop.
Our Mission
The mission statement of Warble (Pvt.) LTD. is:
“Make symbol of solutions to fulfill requirements of distributors & dealers”
Our Vision
Our vision based on the principles of sustainability in agriculture. Warble (Pvt) Ltd is committed to ensuring the safe and plentiful harvest of tomorrow.
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