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PHDF // PHDF was registered in January 2005


PHDF was registered in January 2005 by a dedicated group of development workers and corporate philanthropists to work for women Empowerment, Violence against Women, Children Development, Health, HIV/AIDS Prevention & Cure and relief and rehabilitation of these oppressed groups of Pakistan. Our main focus is to benefit women and children who live in miserable situations and lack basic necessities of life. We work to enhance their participation through integrated community actions for their own development and dignity of life.

We intervene with participatory approaches and involve all stakeholders to ensure smooth implementation and result oriented projects and ensure community ownership through their active participation. Our strategic target groups are community based small groups having potential and capacity to initiate developmental activities. We raise local leadership for sustained activism for their development. Our interventions broaden the communities’ vision towards strategic dimensions of their community based development work.

The activities are focused to benefit women and children in broader context as women and children are the most vulnerable segments of our society and they become the prime victims of poverty, misery, hunger and injustice.

Our Vision
Socially and economically empowered communities and individuals striving for improvement in the quality of life through collective action and community activism where every one has equal access to resources.
Our Mission
Maximizing human, financial and community resources through participatory approaches and long-term interventions for sustainable development to benefit neglected and oppressed communities.
1. To endeavor for poverty alleviation in the target areas through community based development initiatives
2.To facilitate women empowerment through providing platform to women for their activism in economic and social development processes.
3. To contribute towards children development and enable the children living in wretched and miserable situations to lead a dignified life.
4. To provide health care services to the underserved and dispossessed communities for better health conditions; and increasing awareness on deadly diseases as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis etc.
5. To enhance human and institutional development through integrated capacity building, trainings, research and technical support to individuals and organizations.
- Children development as a value added objective in all interventions
- Respect for all irrespective of religion, race, culture, class, creed, gender and faith.
- Consideration for indigenous knowledge and wisdom.
- Understanding and love for human person.
- Gender equity at all levels
Registration and legal status
PHDF is registered under Joint Stock Companies and its registration number is RM-22/S/2004-2005/211
ANNUAL BUDGET: of PHDF from July 2010-June 2011 is Rs: 15,379,375/=
Resource programs
- “Sorrows of Women” (Fact Sheet on Violence against Women in Punjab)
- Monthly Seminars
- Quarterly Women Journal “Sada-e-Nisa”
- Fact sheet on “Child Sexual Abuse” CSA
Geographical focus

In Human Resources Development and Capacity Building the focus is local and national level. While in past programmatic thematic focus has remained on districts of South Punjab which is now shifting to whole Punjab and country wide in near future.

Governance and management
Governance and Management structure of PHDF operates through a 3 tier structure. The management structure includes:
a) Board of Directors: A Board of Directors of seven members heads the organization and holds autonomous status. The board members are elected for the period of 3 years. The Board Members come from different professional fields and act as volunteers. They comprise both male and female members.
  Name Position
1. Haji Ata-ur-Rehman Chairman
2. Ch Iftikhar Nazir Executive Board member
3. Mr. Munir Akbar Board Member
4. Mr. Abdul Hameed Abid Board Member
5. Dr Zahida Shakoor Treasurer
6. Ms Zahida Khan CEO/ General Secretary
7. Ms Surayya Asad Board Member
b) Management Committee – Three members Management Committee (MC) consist of Chairman, General Secretary, and Program Manager. The MC is responsible for human resources management, resource mobilization and execution of projects and programs.
  Name Position
1. Haji Ata-ur-Rehman Chairman
2. Ms Zahida Khan CEO/ General Secretary
3. Saima Faiz Saima Faiz
c) Staff Coordination Committee - Staff Coordination Committee consists of Program Manager, Coordinators and Officers to coordinate the activities and performances of the staff in a better way. This committee is a support mechanism to ensure maximum participation of staff members in implementing, designing and evaluating projects and programs of the organization.
HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT: PHDF applies all human resources policies i.e. recruitment, benefits, procurement, harassment, gender, computer and office. The Human Resources Manual has been planned and approved by Board of Directors and contains all necessary elements.
ACCOUNTING SYSTEM: PHDF uses a standard accounting system for all its financial transactions and keeps the books and reports of accounts updated on daily basis. The accounting system follows the Financial Policies and Procedures. Manual of PHDF has been devised and approved by Board of Directors. PHDF get its accounts audited annually by a recognized chartered accountant firm.
  • PHDF has established South Punjab Women Rights Network (SPWRN) which comprises registered NGOs of South Punjab working on different areas of work with main focus on Women Issues
  • PHDF has remained active member of South Punjab NGOs Forum (SPNF) and

      Conducted many trainings of CBOs for their capacity building

  • PHDF remained active Tehsil Network (TN) member with Trust For Voluntary Organizations (TVO)
  • PHDF is also member of White Ribbon Campaign (Men for Ending Violence against Women)
  • Dedicated Staff of PHDF is main strength of the organization
  • PHDF has joined hands with Pakistan Education Forum-Rawalpindi and Friends of Humanity-UK (FoH)-UK in a long term partnership for uplift of women, education and carrying out different projects in the country.
Since 2007 PHDF has implemented several (refer to matrix at the end) projects on different issues of VAW with the help of UNIFEM, UN Women and Allah din Group of Companies.
  • Since 2007, 400 women victims of violence were provided psycho-social care, legal/Para legal aid.
  • PHDF conducted 12 Training of Trainers on Gender Based Violence during Emergencies with support of UN Women in 3 flood affected Districts (Muzaffargarh, Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur) of South Punjab and trained 407 Master Trainers (including LHWs, LHVs, Teachers, social activists, social welfare and Dar-ul-Aman authorities, CBO members, advocates, journalists, VTTI members, rescue 1122 staff and police officers).
  • PHDF implemented two 16 days of Activism campaigns to end Gender Violence. 2000 men and women participated in these campaigns.
  • Since 2007 PHDF has organized 16 awareness raising seminars on different national/international, socio-economic, political and women issues. Maximum women participated in these seminars.
  • PHDF has collected and published data of more than 20000 incidents of VAW in Punjab since 2007.
  • Made Computerized ID Cards of 3500 poor men and women through NADRA Mobile Units
  • Through AllahDin Free Hospital 4,90,000 patients have been given free and quality medical treatment out of this total there were 3,29,000 women.
  • 22000 Patients were given vaccination of Hepatitis B & C and 560 patients were given complete treatment of Hepatitis B&C. This project was funded by AllahDin Group of Companies.
  • 50,000 patients got their eyes operated through different eye camps since 2000
  • 1100 poor students of Tehsil Jahanian were given free Uniforms, books and Fee.
  • 8 women from different Women Headed House Holds of Jahanian were given financial help of Rs 40,000/- each for dowry of their daughters and other maintenance allowances of their homes in 2010
  • Distribution of 350 Camps for people of Southern Punjab displace in flood
  • Provision of shelter, food, health facilities, eid gifts (new un sewed dresses, shoes, bangles, Henna, sweets and toys) and all essential daily use items for 1873 people from different areas of South Punjab for two months
  • Through Mobile medical camps 2610 patients were checked and treated medically along with provision of medicines 
  • Provided Eidi, bangles, Henna, sweets, balloons, toys and clothes for the IDPs of flood in Muzaffargarh
  • Provision of dry food items (a package of 10 kg flour, cooking oil, sugar, pulses, milk packs, tea, cakes, juices, dates, biscuits, nimko, candles, match boxes, mineral water and rice each ) to 400 families of flood victims
  • Provision of kitchen kits and cash amounts for rehabilitation of flood affected taking refuge in Jahanian (belonging from different areas of Taunsa, Mehmood Kot, Sinawan, Kot Adu Gujrat, Shah Jamal, and Jampur.
  • PHDF distributed books and complete education kits to deserving students of Rajanpur and Dera Ghazi Khan Districts who lost every thing in flood.
  • Provision of 200 quilts, mattresses and pillows and 25 warm clothes in District Muzaffargarh (Thatha Gormani)
  • Provision of 250 Education Kits in District Rajanpur, Dera Ghazi Khan and Layyah
  • Conducted Training of different CSOs of South Punjab on Psycho-Social Wellness and Focusing
  • Distributed 200 sets of mattresses, quilts and pillows in flood affected areas of Distt Muzaffargarh
Area of Coverage
36 Districts of Punjab is the area of coverage. Pakistan Human Development Foundation has a network operating in these 13 Districts and name of the network is South Punjab Women Rights Network (SPWRN). The organizations operating in South Punjab and working mainly for rights of women are the members of this network. In some cases the victims themselves contact PHDF and request for legal support and some times these cases are referred by SPWRN to Pakistan Human Development Foundation.
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