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Maize // Maize (Zea maize L.) belongs to Gramineae family

Maize (Zea maize L.) belongs to Gramineae family, locally makai or maka, is an important ‘Kharif’ crop. The origins of corn is somewhat controversial. Generally, it has been thought in the past that corn originated from teosinte, a wild grass originating in Mexico and Central America. Mangelsdorf Indo-Pakistan subcontinent before it was introduced in the era of the Mughal Emperor Jehangir. It is generally agreed that maize was first brought to our area from central America. Some people say that China is its native land.

Composition The major protein in corn is zein. The exact composition of the various polypeptides has not been elucidated with great precision. They appear to vary and be dependent upon strain, although analytical methodology may be a significant factor as well. However, in any case, the role of zein in contributing plasticity and mobility of the dough is not particularly clear.

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