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Manufactured Products Annual Production Capacity
1. Kissan SSP.  18% Granules 100, 000 M. Tons
    Chand SSP. 18% Granules
2. Sulphuric Acid 40, 000 M. Tons
3. Zinc Sulphate.   21% (Crystal)  & 10% Liquid 3, 300 M. Tons
4. Organo Power. Compost Product 18, 000 M. Tons
5. Bio Star & Bio Gold………Bio fertilizer 6, 000 M. Tons
6. Potassium Silicate 3, 000 M. Tons
Our History

Keeping in view the soil condition of the area Lyallpur Chemicals & fertilizers (Pvt.) Ltd was established in 1968 at Jaranwala Distt Lyallpur (Faisalabad), Pakistan in Public Sector. This plant gave very satisfactory results and the use of SSP (Single Super Phosphate) as Phosphatic fertilizer, improved and reclaimed the soils. The per acre yield of all crops was improved.

Later on in 2007, this plant was sold to private sector and Allah Din Group of Industries purchased this plant.

The plant was completely renovated under new management and the annual production capacity of SSP, Sulphuric Acid & Zinc Sulphate was enhanced, which were the basic products of this plant.

The quality of these products were also improved and brought it at world standard level.

Later on, new horizoncs of Agriculture sector were explored and composting was started with the brand name of ORGANO POWER. This is a nobel work as the solid waste of Vegetable & Fruit Markets is being utilized along with Sugarcane mud. This has now become a premium product and commercially beneficial to the organization.

In 2011, Lyallpur chemicals & Fertilizer (Pvt.) Ltd Jaranwala with the marketing company name AL-HAMD CHEMICAL (PVT.) LTD has introduced two new products i.e. Bio-Gold / Bio Star and Potassium Silicate for Pakistan market.

Bio-Gold / Bio Star are the Bio fertilizers. Phosphorus solubilizing Bacteria has been used in this product to achieve the target of less cost of production for all crops to lower down the phosphorus cost for the plants. Moreover, Potassium silicate which has given significant results by increasing the yield of rice, is also introduced in this year.

This industry has established its own Research & Development wing to utilize its resources available with them. For this purpose high Tech qualified professionals have been engaged who are working on different aspects of Techno- Commercial projects for future.

This industry has also given sufficient jobs to skilled & un-skilled labour under the supervision of highly qualified Engineers & Managers and known as a big mile-stone for Jaranwala City.

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