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Corporate Information // AllahDin Group started its business in 1994 with a single company Welcon Chemicals Private Limited
AllahDin Group started its business in 1994 with a single company Welcon Chemicals Private Limited. By the providence of Allah and through sheer professionalism and dedication, we have achieved sustainability in our business. AllahDin Group is considered as a pioneer of agro chemical group in Pakistan. We work nationally with like-minded groups and individuals concerned with agricultural sector.

Subsequently the company diversified into agro chemical to agro imports chemicals formulation to meet the requirements of agriculture sector. Company has also entered into the field of safe and eco-friendly botanical and bio-pesticides for public health and plant protection.

By the grace of Allah we possess a dominating market share in the industry. Span of our business covers seeds, pesticides, micro nutrients, fertilizers, PET bottle plant, formulation, imports of chemicals, marketing and distributions to third party. In order to achieve this target, we have >250 agricultural graduates, post graduates and PhDs who are striving for growth of agricultural sector with passion, zeal and zest. Group offers a vast range of agricultural solutions to every part of the country.

Breaking fresh ground in agricultural sector, AGC is now all set to win over the confidence of its valued customers in the realm of the agro chemical sector. Once again our prime objective is to optimize the technical assistance in a bid to provide the high quality product, prepared at the most modern manufacturing facilities.

With the high level of commitment, hard working and better business strategies AllahDin Group Of Companies is the largest importer of agro chemicals in Pakistan. AGC is not only distributing its products through our own distribution network but are also supplying a complete range of products to the open market. AGC is a group with strong presence in all agricultural segments seized the opportunity to maintain position as a leader of agro business.

AllahDin group is committed to improve health and well being through innovative Products and Services. It aspires to hold a leadership position in all of its businesses with a strong and continuous innovation. Our employees pay explicit attention to values, they believe values are not ‘hard’ like structure rather they are well passionate on compromising and proud to be part of a dynamic team. No half measure half backed ideas or half hearted methods are taken, but its human capital is inspired and imaginative with distinctive strength and courage which is intrinsic element for having aspiration and ambitions. We grow with people and it draws from life, to redraw life, to meet the challenge of a changing world it challenges everyone to go beyond what they think that they are capable of doing to constantly redefine. The people who work with us don’t just accept future, they are actually helping it to create it. They believe that sow is act and you reaping a habit.People on operational level are not just to implement the strategic plans but they feel and are regarded as a team thus our employees work like a dynamic team.

Agricultural products have to pass through many processes. To ensure, we have a formulation plant( Liquid and Powder ) along with high tech laboratory is setup. After production, automated packaging unit was needed according to farmer’s needs. In this packaging unit we have a capacity to pack about One hundred thousand litres / Kg. By doing so we have a capability to meet any future demands for the farmer.

In agricultural sector, it is a need of the time to come up with new technologies. From last two years fertility and nutritional needs of plant attracted lot of attention of farmers. Agricultural practitioners have come to a conclusion that micro nutrients are diminishing or are scarce in our lands. To tackle this issue, group have formed a separate wing to prepare the formulation pant for micro nutrients. Beside this, a well equipped laboratory and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer have been installed. This laboratory is looked after by smart professionals and skilled work force who constantly ensure the quality of products. That is why our farmer is getting superb quality products according to his needs.

Group have automatic plant of making PET bottles. Capacity of this plant is making 20 thousands bottles per day. This plant is sufficient for the requirement of the group and would continue to contribute for any future demand.In future group is preparing to establish a unique Pesticide manufacturing plant with the collaboration of China, which would be a new trend setter in Pakistan.
Group is striving hard for getting good seeds. In order to do so, group have prepared a research farm with the association of BZ University Multan. In this research farm, continuous experiments for the seeds are commenced, once seed meets the expectation of high quality standards and yield, then those seeds are distributed for intermediaries and farmers.

We, the AllahDin Group, have dedicated us for the betterment of our stakeholders. We have promised to offer wide range of international quality products at reasonable prices. For Group our customer is at the top priority, for this purpose would continue to offer beyond customer expectation.
Our Vision
To be the best agri-solutions provider that enable agriculture to excel and flourish in the future. 
Our History
AllahDin Group of Companies is one of the famous pestiside group in Pakistan. We work nationally with like-minded groups and individuals concerned.
Subsequently the Company diversified into agro pesticides to meet the requirements of agriculture sector, and has grown manifold, with a turnover of 1148 million rupees in 2001-02. Company has also entered into the field of safe and eco-friendly botanical and bio-pesticides for public health and plant protection.
Our Mission
To strengthen national economy by delivering high quality agri-inputs & services ,enhancing sustainable growth to all stakeholders.
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