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Agri Village // Agril Village International
Our History
Agri Village International is one of the main pesticide company of AllahDin Group. this came into existence in 2003. With the high level of commitment, hard working and better business strategies. Agri Village International is supplying a complete range of pesticides to farmers all over Pakistan through distributors. The objectives behind the establishment were to feed small distribution houses in the local market through generic and some of the multinational companies.
We are committed to provide quality products to our customers, realizing the fact; group has established a High Tech. Quality Control Laboratory with HPLC and GLC equipments analysis facilities.
Its also our commitment to provide effective & economical solutions to our farmers. We are offering a complete product range of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides to our distributors.
Our Mission
Our mission is to improve our company’s self-image & sense of community together with its perception and standing in the community at large with that believe that Agri Village is as different and distinct from competitors and other companies.
Our Vision
Our vision is to achieve a sustained increase in corporate sector with the interests of our stockholders, Business Partners, Customers, Employees and the whole pesticide sector.
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