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About Us // A brief history of AllahDin Group of Companies
Breaking fresh ground in agro-chemicals industry, AllahDin Group of Companies is now all set to win over the confidence of its valued customers in the realm of the pesticide industry. Once again our prime objective is to optimize the technical assistance in a bid to provide the high quality product, prepared at the most modern manufacturing facility.
With the high level of commitment, hard working and better business strategies AllahDin Group Of Companies is the largest importer of pesticides in Pakistan. AGC is not only distributing pesticides through our own distribution network but are also supplying a complete range of pesticides to the pesticide market. AGC as group with strong presence in all pesticide segments seized the opportunity to maintain position as a leader of agro- Business.
We are the leader in national market committed for improving health and well being through innovative products and services. It aspires to hold a leadership position in all of its businesses with a strong,continuous innovation. A unique body of around 200 pioneers whose hearts,minds and resources are dedicated on vision to develop new and innovative life scientific solutions of mankind's problems.
Our employees pay explicit attention to values, they believe values are not ‘hard’ like structure rather they are well passionate on compromising and proud to be part of a dynamic team. No half measure half backed ideas or halfhearted methods, but inspired and practical people with distinctive strength and courage, having same aspiration and ambition. Our commitment does its core values in its strength. We grow with people and it draws from life, to redraw life, to meet the challenges of a changing world.It challenges everyone to go beyond what they think that they are capable of doing to constantly redefine. The people who work with us don’t just accept future they are helping in to create. They believe that sow is act and you reaping a habit.
People on operational level are not just to implement the strategic plans but they feel and are regarded as a team thus our employees work like a team.
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